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Pneumatic Solutions International's links with world class automation component manufacturers such as MAC, PHD and SMAC, place us firmly in a position to offer significant benefit to the Automotive Industry.

With our full line of components including cylinders, escapements, grippers, slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, control valves, shock absorbers and high precision moving coil actuators which can be combined or used individually, we can provide the motion your application requires.

Our commitment to working alongside our customers in the field have led to a number of solutions that have been developed specifically to meet a customer requirement. Often, because of these existing solutions from one of the general, "All Products" pneumatics manufacturers, the durability or maintainability required by the modern automotive manufacturing plant is rarely realised.

One of the more notable ranges of product used predominately within the Automotive industry are PHD clamping products..



When Shiftec motorsport was commissioned to produce a Launch control and gear change system for the new F2 series of race cars PSI were chosen to develop a “special” solenoid valve for the application.

Shiftec  are world leaders in gear shift technology and have great success in the incredibly demanding and technology driven world of motorsport.

MAC valves were designed for this application by PSI  to operate at +100C to flow 500 lpm , only 14mm wide with an incredible 2.5 ms on time and 1.5 ms off .

There are no other valves in the market which can achieve this demanding specification.

Given a window of only 20 ms to achieve a complete gear change, repeatability and reliability are critical.

As anyone who watches F1 or F2 races will know “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION”  MAC is the only answer.

Each F2 car contains 9 MAC valves developed specifically for Shiftec Engineering . Shiftec ‘s MAC valves are part number protected so only Shiftec can purchase them,

once again allowing the OEM to protect their R&D investment and benefit from a joint development with MAC and PSI.


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