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cylinders, thrusters & actuators

PSI Ltd is recognised as a fully authorised, factory supported distributor for Bimba and TRD products.

As a specialised distributor in the field of pneumatics and industrial automation, PSI Ltd has quickly become the largest Bimba product supplier in the United Kingdom.

Our ability to provide the necessary sales and support customers expect in today’s market, positions us perfectly to sell the inexpensive, industry standard, non repairable, stainless steel body Bimba cylinders every day, alongside our more complicated custom air cylinders, quickly designed and manufactured to your specific application.

Nearly half of all Bimba’s production is now custom product - fitting nicely with the PSI market approach “value through innovation”.




VBimba Original Line

Bimba's non-contact position feedback cylinders are resistant to the effects of moisture, oil, air-borne debris, dust, and air line contamination. Also, the probe cannot be worn out by rapid short-stroke cycling.


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bimba product range
  • Electric Actuators
  • Original Line cylinders
  • Flat Cylinders
  • Ultran Cylinders
  • Pneu-Turn Rotary Actuators
  • Linear Slides
typical applications
  • assembly lines
  • transportation
  • communications
  • conveying
  • electronics
  • fluid handling
  • food processing
  • medical
  • packaging
  • paper handling
  • plastics
  • printing
product focus

Dispensing Cylinders

- All Stainless Steel 316 or 304
- Multiple Configurations
- Single acting and Double acting

Bimba cylinders









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