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Dia-Meter Pumps

Formerly a Honeywell range, Dia-Meter pumps is still headed up by Alan Williams and now available through PSI here in the UK.

Dia-Meter metering pumps have a unique feature allowing remote mounting of the metering head away from the actuator pump, making it ideally suited for limited space and hazardous area applications.

Other advantages given by this design are:

- An unstressed diaphragm offering reliability and long life
- Operation against stalled inlet or discharge valves
- Self priming and immersible
- Easily serviceable

The range of four pumps can operate with a maximum viscosity of 400 centipoise, and a temperature of 90 degress C. They can supply up to 210 ltr per hour with outputs in the range of .025ml to 20ml per stroke. Injection can be achieved into pressures of 1000psi as standard and 3500 psi as specials.

Dia-Meter Homogeniser
The homogenisation unit is powered by a 24VDC printed circuit motor with pump technology derived from the Dia-Meter standard product range. It has been designed specifically for use with infra-red analytical instruments

Dia-Meter Laboratory Pump
The Laboratory Pump is a 1500psi pump of 0.025ml per stroke, supplied in a housing with an on/off switch, electrical cable and plug, pressure gauge and pressure adjusting control.


What next?

To find out more about the Dia-Meter product range from PSI, please call 02392 233611 or email sales@pneusol.co.uk.

product range
  • MP340 flow rate of 0
    to .5mls per stroke
  • MP3 flow rate of 0
    to 3mls per stroke
  • MP10 flow rate of 0
    to 10 mls per stroke
  • MP20 flow rate of 0
    to 20 mls per stroke
typical applications
  • food
    accurate dosing of colours, flavours
  • petro-chemicals
    accurate dosing of anti-foam, catalysts, additives
  • oil & gas
    injection of wax inhibitors, odourants, biocides







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