title"PHD actuators, valves and escapements"
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title"PHD actuators, valves and escapements"


PHD for actuators, valves and escapements.

Automation problems can often seem difficult to solve, and this is where PSI can add real value. We offer the full line of PHD components including cylinders, grippers, slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, sensors and electromechanical devices. With millions of component variations, this modular solution can help you to move, turn, slide, lift, grip, reach, rotate and clamp almost anything!

At PSI, we want to make the process of choosing and designing with PHD products as easy as possible – so we offer free software and CAD libraries, as well as providing you with access to highly trained application engineers and custom product specialists. Everything we do is designed to offer our customers the lowest possible ‘cost of ownership’, by saving design time and reducing downtime, as well as providing the widest possible selection of reliable, high quality automation products.

The PHD range offers the latest technology and designs to help you reduce cost, increase accuracy, and operate more quickly, whilst also saving energy and reducing waste.



The GRR Series Gripper

This gripper is the market leader when it comes to handling aluminium or steel rims. Key features include:

- Lightweight, with an extremely robust design

- Very high movement capabilities

- Standard seals

- A five million cycle minimum rated life

- Enables alignment within 1mm

This product can help you with machining, casting, painting and inspection as well as overcoming any accuracy issues – all of which helps to improve productivity.

A typical application would include taking the rim out of the oven and placing it into the cooling station. The GRR Series Gripper also enables rims to be gripped in pairs from the conveyor and placed onto pallets, which in turn reduces costs by enabling faster throughput and the requirement for less palletising stations.

All of which makes the GRR Gripper the ideal choice for handling rims.


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phd product range
  • clamps
  • cylinders
  • escapements
  • grippers
  • rotary actuators
  • slides
  • switches
typical applications
  • automotive
  • medical
  • materials handling
  • electronics
  • glass
  • cement & concrete
  • primary metals
  • wood processing
  • transportation
  • printing
  • carpets & textiles
  • tyres & rubber
  • plastics
  • power generation
product focus

Rinse Grippers

Specialist grippers for food handling

- PET body
- Stainless Steel Jaws
- Multiple sizes
- Custom made to order

PHD actuators, valves and escapements
product focus

Filling head

Direct Replacement filling heads

- long life
- high accuracy with - various designs/materials

PHD actuators, valves and escapements









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