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Following the inception of the PHD Plastics Packaging Components (PPC) group, PSI quickly realised the benefit that we can offer the Plastics Industry within the UK. This dedicated division is focused totally on the specific needs of the plastic packaging industry.

We have a full line of components; cylinders, escapements, grippers, slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, and proximity switches which can be combined or used individually to provide the motion your application requires. In addition, MAC Valves have developed a number of solutions, with the specific needs of the Plastic Packaging Industry in mind.

With millions of component variations, we can help pick, place, twist, turn, lift, grip, reach, rotate, inject, and clamp what you need to increase your productivity. If an application requires a modified component, our Plastics Industry Specialist along with the dedicated, industry specific teams at PHD and MAC are ready to help. We welcome special requests for unique products, regardless of quantity or frequency of order. Our industry specialist, PHD and MAC will work closely with you to find a solution to your application needs.

We have a vast range of solutions for your specific processes;

* Blow Nozzle Cylinders and Control Valves
* Stretch Rod Cylinder Assemblies
* High Pressure Pilot Valves
* Needle Cylinders
* Transfer Arms
* Mold Control Cylinders
* Leak Test Cylinders
* Knock Out Cylinders
* Removal Cylinders and Grippers
* Labeling & Slide Knife Actuators
* Packaging & Palletizing
* and many more.....

We currently have Drop-in replacement solutions, that are fully field maintainable for the following machinery:

* Sidel® (Series1 and Series2)
* Krones®
* SIG® (Krup) Corpoplast
* Nissei® ASB
* Husky®
* Ken Plas
* Bekum®
* Uniloy®
* Jomar®
* Others

No other pneumatic solutions provider offers the level of specific industry level support that PSI do with PHD and MAC.


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