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MAC Valves and PSI, have for a number of years, been working alongside our customers within the tyre manufacturing industry, to resolve issues and improve product quality from the best use of technology.

Through detailed investigation of the tyre manufacturing process, it became apparent that the accuracy of the pneumatic technology used in the tyre manufacturing process had a direct effect on the quality of tyre produced. Due to the unique MAC valve design, our customers in the tyre industry have been able to improve their product quality in a way that was not possible using a competitor product.

PSI and MAC have a number of solutions developed specifically to suit applications within the tyre manufacturing industry, these include:

  • Solenoid valve blocks
  • Assemblies for servicers
  • Assemblies for pressure control in bladders
  • Assemblies for actuator control for presses
  • Bladder control units
  • Carcass inflation
  • Bead clamping
  • Clutch & brake control
  • Rollover can
  • Tread splice stitcher
  • Server stitchers smear roll
  • Curing press timer controller
  • Steam control
  • Preshape

    and many more...

The solutions developed for the Tyre industry are as a direct result of our work with customers in the field, and are in response to requests to resolve their specific issues. These include modifications to resolve problems with contaminant, high temperatures and the long energisation times required.

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